Wednesday, July 9, 2014

JULY 9, 2014

HELLO WORLD....long time no see...

Startling re-entry into My World...A friend posted this today in her FB page...and I'm of the mind that whether it's FB or a site such as this, we are entitled to speak our hearts. That being said...this really jerked my immediate reaction of insult, sorrow, grief.... so very tired of political and religious bullshit and constant attacks from both sides.
Truth be told, you ask any woman who has been yearning for a child if upon finding that she was pregnant, ever thought of that news in terms of 'my little fertilized egg' but began singing her heart song to her CHILD.
We are such a fortunate Country and what Mother's heart would not want to risk everything to save her Child, if it meant the faintest possibility of a better chance at Life; even if it meant sending them on a treacherous journey to a far away land.
What is the problem here?...There's no This or That when it comes to what I feel is an inflammatory photo and commentary attached to it.
These Children who are entering our boarder, so to it our body or our lines drawn in the sand..........
seems simple enough to me
I read somewhere once that before I was in my Mother's womb that I was KNOWN by One Who Loved Me First

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