Tuesday, August 27, 2013

June 2013

Yep...this Child of the 60's is now celebrating birthdays that number in the 60's! When did that happen?!! I'm really only 30-something in my mind and spirit! Those of my generation..ohhhh that sounds like an 'old timers' beginning of a story! yikes! but it's not. Truth is our bodies are not as strong as they once were and we intend to stay strong anyway and "getter' done" because we have places to go and people to meet! Hip replacement surgery is not a 'walk in the park' but now that it's done....I really can go for a walk in the park and be pain free for the first time in years! (imagine won't you, Mel Gibson, in the role of William Wallace, yelling at the top of his lungs..."FREEEEDOMMMMM!!!")......The surgery itself and the aftermath is most certainly an 'eye opening experience', no doubt about it. And it's a long recovery in many ways but you'll be up and moving the day after the surgery! Hope....instant gratification! well, sort of.........Life is very, very Good............and I intend to walk, dance, skip, run, laugh and maybe sometimes cry my way along the Journey.



  1. From an old hippie to a new "hipster", congratulations.

  2. PS..surgery and recovery time come with their own set of variables. I was blessed to have a surgeon that knew what he was doing; and I don't 'feel' this prosthetic at all! so natural for sporting an un-natural object in my body. That physical shift in my universe was quite enough but my journey went a little further when my heart stopped on the table....hmmmmmmmm.....Major Inner Universe Shift! I only found out the details when I woke up a few hours after surgery and my chest felt like a Mack truck had hit me! What sounds scarey turned out to be Amazing!! I had the Best Team ever, doing what they were trained to do...and well, here I am! I give full credit to them and The Great Physician! and I'm grateful for the continuation of the Journey here! This Summer was the Best Birthday that I almost didn't have!!! I'm totally in Love with Life like never before! Old Hippies don't fade away; they just keep wearing their patchouli and sandalwood! : )