Tuesday, October 8, 2013



..............as I went out to garden in between showers....He saw me first! and he watched..and when I looked his way he began calling out the first of his greetings....I returned his morning cheer....A good way to start the day.....turns out it's a very good way to start any day!

Did you know that according to Native American Crow Mythology that "many people are under the mistaken impression the crows were viewed as harbingers of death in Native American cultures, but in fact, that is not true at all. We do not know of any Native American tribes which crows were seen as omens of death. Indeed, just the opposite, seeing a crow was (and still is!) considered good luck by many tribes."  resource: Native American Encyclopedia


Chief Plenty Coups - Absarokee Crow - Crow Nation
Photographer: Edward Curtis c1908
A Work in Progress
My cross stitch of  Plenty Coups
from Jeannette Crews Designs, Inc.
'Portrait of Famous American Indians'
pattern design by Susan Heiss

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