Thursday, September 12, 2013

(but don't trip after hip replacement surgery!)

September 12, 2013

The phrase 'trip the light fantastic' means "To dance, especially in an imaginative or "fantastic manner". It is said to originate from the works of John Milton, 'Comus', 1637. The word has long been used to mean 'dance nimbly'.

It's nearly 3 months to the day since my surgery; with a promising post-op check up yesterday...even so, the 'magic' number seems to be one year. For any of you Baby Boomers or Flower Children who may be facing the choice/necessity of such surgery, I say be prepared to be a patient patient! Do your 'homework' beforehand and without fail, commit to your post-op strengthening exercises daily. Prepare your mind to be aware of your body movements at all times (not unlike a dancer!).

And by all means................DANCE!!

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